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[SNP]  アニマル パンダ ホワイトニング マスク 1枚

[SNP] アニマル パンダ ホワイトニング マスク 1枚

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ブランド : エスエンピ(SNP)
コード : SNPP02-Panda
重量 : 35g (0.08 lbs)
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Radiant your Skin Care with the [SNP] アニマル パンダ ホワイトニング マスク 1枚! we aim to provide you best korean products to take good care of your skin, including コスメ Cosmetics, スキンケア Skincare, シートマスク Mask Sheet. Hydra シートマスク Mask Sheet online.


[SNP] animal panda whitening mask(25ml)


Premium Facial Care Coconut Water Mask / Contains 750mg of coconut water, a mixture of 50% natural coconut juice and 50% coconut water​.


Coconut water effectively replenishes moisture in the body and contains high levels of essential electrolytes and potassium It is called the "liquid of life" in its pure and natural form Known to be the skin secret of Miranda Kerr, the number of consumers looking for coconut water or oil have drastically increased Coconut contains 50% lauric acid which is one of the major ingredients of breast milk, and it has great effects in both consumption and application​.


FDA certified safe color does not stimulate skin, and its safe ingredients and new character design improves satisfaction of customers in its texture and adds fun.


Whitening mask replenishes drab and rough skin with brightening energy for beautiful and smooth skin. Coconut water with moisturizing effects, paper mulberry, mulberry bark extract, and whitening ingredient niacinamide make skin translucent and invigorated.

Suggested to use


After facial cleansing, tone skin and attach mask on face centering around the eyes and mouth. Remove after 10 - 20 minutes and pat any remaining essence for absorption.


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Star5 個 ギフト
sa…@hotm… 6a735ad052adfbb94b02598c0b980247_1545132
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Star5 個 良いです
ta…@ezwe… 良いです
掲示日 17-06-07 シェアする
Star5 個 fun mask
pa…@ymai… Was fun to wear and skin felt hydrated n looked bright....
掲示日 16-01-20 シェアする
Star5 個 Fun and hydrating
he…@yaho… These masks are so cute and so much fun to use! I was surprised at how much essence these have; I can forego using a moisturizer after using these they're so rich. I've been using them to soothe and hydrate my skin during these dry winter months and my skin loves these!
掲示日 16-01-30 シェアする