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[SNP]  ゴールド コラーゲン アンプルマスク 1枚

[SNP] ゴールド コラーゲン アンプルマスク 1枚

販売価格 350 円    10%
オープン価格 390 円 ( お買得 40 円 )

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ブランド : エスエンピ(SNP)
コード : SNPP01-Goldcollagen
重量 : 350g (0.77 lbs)
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Radiant your Skin Care with the [SNP] ゴールド コラーゲン アンプルマスク 1枚! we aim to provide you best korean products to take good care of your skin, including コスメ Cosmetics, スキンケア Skincare, シートマスク Mask Sheet. Hydra シートマスク Mask Sheet online.



[SNP] Gold Collagen Ampoule Mask


Collagen mask pack supplies concentrated nourishment to dry, sagging, and lifeless skin. Collagen extracted from pig hide (1,000mg) and gold (0.3mg) improves absorption of nutrients and supplies lacking nourishment to skin for firm, beautiful skin. Wrinkle diminishing agent adenosine reduces wrinkles for healthy, lustrous skin.


Skin firming and moisturizing effects / Contains gold for toxin discharge and luster, improvement of effective ingredients


1,000mg pig hide collagen promotes skin collagen creation while making skin lustrous and supplying nourishment / Resilience + wrinkle reduction + skin luster + nourishment supply + prevention of aging + toxin discharge


4-free system: Paraben, mineral oil, artificial color, synthetic silicone / Cellulose sheet: Natural ingredient with exceptional adhesive power makes it stay on skin for longer periods of time compared to other general felt sheet products; does not stimulate skin and has exceptional texture, making it possible to go about daily activities while wearing the sheet


Suggested to use


After facial cleansing, apply toner and remove mask from packaging. Set sheet according to the holes of eyes and mouth, and attach closely to skin. Remove after 20 - 30 minutes and pat gently for absorption of any remaining essence.







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