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[ヘラ(HERA)] UVミスト クッションSPF50+/PA+++ 15g*2 C23 カバーSPF50+,PA+++ 30g(15g*2)


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6,110 円
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ブランド : ヘラ(HERA)
コード : HERA01-PactC23
重量 : 140g (0.31 lbs)
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Radiant your Skin Care with the [ヘラ(HERA)] UVミスト クッションSPF50+/PA+++ 15g*2 C23 カバーSPF50+,PA+++ 30g(15g*2)! we aim to provide you best korean products to take good care of your skin, including コスメ Cosmetics, メイクアップ Makeup, クッションファンデー Cushion Foundation. Hydra クッションファンデー Cushion Foundation online.
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A multi-function sunblock foundation that works as a mist, foundation and sunblock to brighten and cool down the skin for skin that’s dewy and glowing.

Instant hydration and cooling effect with mineral clay water

Mineral clay water contains microscopic clay, which is found in icy seawater and is smaller than fog particles. It is used in place of purified water to enhance hydration in the skin through control of osmotic pressure to help lessen impurities, remove dead skin cells and excess sebum to keep the skin clean, clear and moisturized. In addition, it contains 30% mineral clay water that cools down the skin temperature as soon as it touches the skin to leave the skin feeling refreshed.

Thin, fresh, dewy and glowing makeup like the work of makeup artist

Hyperfine emulsion formula stabilized with fine cells of the Cushion penetrates through the Cushion layer into the puff to allow you to wear thin, clean, fresh and glowing makeup with a dewy finish, just like wearing an invisible shroud over the face.

UV Shield Complex for UV protection, anti-oxidation and heat damage prevention

With powerful UV protection (SPF50+, PA+++), it protects the skin against UV rays. UV Shield Complex contains extracts from four kinds of excellent anti-oxidative berries and prunus mume extract that shield the skin against UV-induced ROS while preventing heat damage and the formation of keratinocytes to reduce signs of skin aging. 

Suggested to use


To do makeup

  • Use in the sunscreen step after your basic skincare routine. (It works as sunblock, makeup base and foundation.)
  • Put a good amount on the puff by pushing it against the sponge and dab it gently on the face.

To fix makeup

Put a small amount on the puff and dab it gently on the face.



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