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[エリザヴェッカ] ミルキーピーギ キョンシー パック 120ml


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オープン価格 :
3,080 円
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1,230 円(40%)


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ブランド : エリザヴェッカ(Elizavecca)
コード : SESALOP02-Kangsipack
重量 : 260g (0.57 lbs)
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Radiant your Skin Care with the [エリザヴェッカ] ミルキーピーギ キョンシー パック 120ml! we aim to provide you best korean products to take good care of your skin, including コスメ Cosmetics, スキンケア Skincare, クリーム Cream. Hydra クリーム Cream online.


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Star4 個 Mask
mu…@gmai… This is a 2 part mask that didn't slide off too bad on me. I found it hydrating after use. Would I purchase them again? I'm not sure. For around the same price, I prefer the Klairs mask. 
掲示日 16-02-10 シェアする
Star5 個 For your best skin- try this.

This is my first hydrogel mask. To use this mask I cleansed my skin and used my toner. I heard from another site about how hydrogel masks have the two protective sheets that you have to peel off in order to use the mask. There are two cautions I have when using this mask. One, the mask is easy to lose among the protective sheets so be careful not to throw it away. Second,  this is really hard to hold onto I nearly dropped it on my bathroom floor. I recommend holding it through the eye and mouth spaces in order to place on the skin. 


This mask is an awesome fit. I love how this masks is in two pieces it allowed for the best placement on my face. All of the other masks I have tried are one sheet which makes it hard to place.


Once placed the mask is really cooling and it stays in place well. Unlike cotton sheet masks there is no lifting from the skin in stays completely pasted to the skin.


I waited 30 minutes because my skin was really dry and irritated so  I was hoping this mask would moisturize, calm, and tighten. When I removed the mask I found that my skin was all I was looking for, hydrated, the redness was reduced, and it felt tight. I took the rest of the serum from the package and put it on my neck and face to provide more benefits.  I am wondering if this masks will prove even more effective after multiple uses. Thank goodness the package came with five.


I highly recommend this masks to anyone who is looking into purchasing it. It is worth every penny. I will certainly be keeping it in stock in my house. 

掲示日 16-02-14 シェアする
Star5 個 Fun mask!
Ch…@hotm… A new favourite mask of mine! Moisturizing and a cool concept :)
掲示日 15-11-11 シェアする